Hello OTC Family!

Last night’s team and parent meeting was a great one.
Lots of questions asked and answered.

Each year we start out with such great energy that last the entire season.
Let’s continue on this journey of developing technically and mechanically sound sprinters.

Ok, let’s get to the point.
I’ll answer the most important questions in this email.

  • Fees & Payment / USATF Membership (deadlines)
  • Practice and the commitment involved
  • Warm ups & SwagPack(deadline)
  • Documents from Team & Parent meeting
  • Parent Gear
  • Fundraising
  • Replacement Uniforms

Fees & Payment / USATF Membership
As we mentioned…$335 for fees. $150 (or full payment if you want) must be paid by March 21st. April 11th the remaining balance must be paid.
Please go to this link to pay fees for 2023. https://olympustrackclub.com/shop/2023-track-fees/
USATF membership for $30: https://www.usatf.org/home/top-utility-nav-content/membership
Switching from another team (it will walk you through the process): https://auth.sport80.com/

Practice & Commitment
A lot of you asked do you have attend every practice. The short of it is no. But please be aware, we pay attention to who’s committed and are making the efforts.

We are help responsible for your athlete’s development…do your best to be to at least 2 practices a week.
We understand the people have other summer obligations they’ve committed to. We ask that you prioritize your athlete’s development.

If your athlete happens to make a relay team, please let us know if they will not make the Regional & Junior Olympics meet. It helps to make decisions for those who will run in the meet.

Warm ups & SwagPack
Order your warm ups & swagpack for $110.
You will need pay the cost at this link: https://olympustrackclub.com/shop/warm-ups/
Deadline for ordering will be March 27th. We can only order in bulk and it’s a 4-5 week turnaround.

Documents from Team & Parent Meeting
I’ve attached the meeting notes from last night. Feel free to access them here.
You must sign the Parent Agreement as a parent & Cardinal Rule as an athlete.

Parent Gear
We are going to send out ideas for parents to get a chance to buy the warmup top.
We have not solidified that yet. But if parents want a top…we can see if that’s something we can do. More on this later.

We are going to hammer home these fundraising opportunities. We are starting early this year. Jenny Powell & Jess Framke and a few volunteer parents will help organize these efforts.
The really cool fundraising campaign we are planning is “Headed To Hayward” — We will sell tees, key chains, sweaters, hoodies, etc. Along with athletes profile page to collect donations.
More on this soon.

Replacement Uniform
If you already have a uniform and need a bigger size, please use this link to order another one. 1st year athletes will receive a uniform. https://olympustrackclub.com/shop/uniforms/


Download all the documents here:

2023_ House Info – Olympus Track Club

2023 Athlete Agreement